Top 9 Best Beginner Violas Of 2023

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Have you ever heard about these brands when looking for Best beginner violas: Mendini, Cecilio, D z strad, Vio music. If yes, you are on the right path to choosing the right product. However, to make the final decision you still need more information as the pros and cons, price range, features, etc. Thus, our specialists have had an idea that crawled 3,105 reviews from customers to make the Top Best beginner violas below. Now, all you need to do is read the list and pick one. You can totally believe in their quality because they all belong to popular brands such as: Mendini, Cecilio, D z strad, Vio music.

Best beginner violas

According to our research, we think the Best beginner violas is Mendini 12"MA250. Scroll through the rest of our list and check out the buying guide if you're not sure what to look for!

TOP Choice #1

Mendini 12-Inch MA250 Varnish Solid Wood Viola with Case, Bow, Rosin, Bridge and Strings

Brand: Mendini, Warranty: 1 year warranty against manufacturer's defects., Color: Natural Varnish, Size: 12-in.
Height: 12.00 Inches, Width: 6.00 Inches, Length: 32.00 Inches, Weight: 4.00 Pounds
ftb score rating icon 9.9
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  • Hand-carved solid spruce top with maple back & sides
  • Size 12" natural varnish viola
  • Includes: lightweight hard case, a Brazilwood bow with unbleached genuine Mongolian horsehair, rosin, and bridge
TOP Choice #2

Cecilio CVA-400 Solidwood Viola, Size 14-Inch

Brand: Cecilio, Warranty: 1 year warranty against manufacturer's defects., Color: Natural, Size: 14-inch
Height: 12.00 Inches, Width: 6.00 inches, Length: 32.50 inches, Weight:
ftb score rating icon 9.7
Our Score


  • Size 14 inch viola, solid hand-carved spruce top, flamed maple back & sides, beautiful inlaid purfling & finish
  • 1 Year Warranty Against Manufacturer's Defects
  • Maple fingerboard, boxwood pegs, chinrest, and tailpiece with 4 detachable nickel plated fine tuners
TOP Choice #3

D Z Strad viola Model 101 with Strings, Case, Bow, Shoulder Rest, and Rosin (16" - Size)

Brand: D Z Strad, Warranty: , Color: brown, Size: 16" - Size
Height: , Width: , Length: , Weight:
ftb score rating icon 9.6
Our Score


  • Completely set up and ready to play
  • Outfit package includes case, Brazilwood bow, shoulder rest and rosin
  • Set up with Wittner-style composite tailpiece with four built-in fine tuners
TOP Choice #4

D Z Strad Viola Model 120 with Strings, Case, Bow, Shoulder Rest and Rosin (16" - Size)

Brand: D Z Strad, Warranty: , Color: brown, Size: 16" - Size
Height: 2.00 Inches, Width: 6.00 Inches, Length: 25.00 Inches, Weight:
ftb score rating icon 9.4
Our Score


  • The wood is placed into a drying room, consistent with old world traditional European practices.
  • Uses selected supreme-quality tonewood materials
  • Solid carved spruce top

Advanced Viola, Outstanding Varnish & Tonality, 15.5"

Brand: Vio Music, Warranty: , Color: , Size:
Height: , Width: , Length: , Weight:
ftb score rating icon 9.2
Our Score


  • Maple back and spruce top
  • 15.5" Viola
  • Case, bow, rosin and shoulder rest included

D Z Strad Viola Model N2011 with D Z Strad Bow, Case, Rosin and Shoulder Rest (15.5" - Size)

Brand: D Z Strad, Warranty: , Color: brown, Size: 15.5" - Size
Height: , Width: , Length: , Weight:
ftb score rating icon 9.1
Our Score


  • A favorite among Suzuki and other private teachers Beautiful and dependable
  • 100% Handmade, 100% hand oil varnished
  • Warm and round tone, playability, hand-feel and consistency will keep you motivated.

Professional Handmade D Z Strad Viola model 400 - handmade by prize winning luthiers (15.5" - Size)

Brand: D Z Strad, Warranty: , Color: brown, Size: 15.5" - Size
Height: , Width: , Length: , Weight:
ftb score rating icon 8.9
Our Score


  • Outfit package includes case, carbon fiber and Brazilwood bows, shoulder rest, and rosin
  • Fit with Ebony heart-shaped pegs, tailpiece, chinrest, and end button
  • Set up by our luthiers with a Rock Maple bridge and Helicore Strings.

D Z Strad Model 700 Viola 15" Outfit with Bow, Helicore Strings, Bow, Shoulder Rest, and Rosin. 15" Inch

Brand: D Z Strad, Warranty: , Color: brown, Size: 15"
Height: , Width: , Length: , Weight:
ftb score rating icon 8.7
Our Score


  • Clever imitation resembles authentically old instruments.
  • Uses selected supreme-quality maple and spruce materials
  • Warm response with unique character and tremendous tone

Cecilio CVA-500 Solidwood Ebony Fitted Viola with D'Addario Prelude Strings, Size 16-Inch

Brand: Cecilio, Warranty: 1 year warranty against manufacturer's defects., Color: Satin Antique, Size: 16-inch
Height: 7.00 Inches, Width: 15.00 Inches, Length: 35.00 Inches, Weight: 0.00 Pounds
ftb score rating icon 8.5
Our Score


  • Strung with D'Addario Prelude Strings (Note: Does not include extra set of strings.)
  • 1 Year Warranty Against Manufacturer's Defects
  • Includes: Cecilio chromatic tuner, a lightweight hard case, a Brazilwood bow with unbleached genuine Mongolian horsehair, quality rosin cake, and a bridge
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What is the best way to buy the best Best beginner violas?

Best beginner violas
Best beginner violas. Image source:

One thing common to all shoppers when deciding to buy a Best beginner violas is anxiety and stress. That's because there will be many elements and characteristics of products that need to be carefully considered and evaluated. So today, we are here to present a list of the best and highest rated on the market today, along with frequently asked questions.

Although it would be better if you did your research and scrutinized Best beginner violas, you can consider the following questions:

  • Is the product worth the investment?
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  • Before buying a product, what factors should I pay attention to the most?
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Of course, the questions we have listed above are not enough, just a few typical questions. It is best to actively research information from various reputable sources to get as many materials as possible.

In particular, the reliable sources for your reference to buy products are high-rated websites, online forums, helpful reviews as well as advice from relatives or relatives. Remember that you can only accept the best product when you find the most reliable buying guides.

Our buying guides are collected based on AI and big data using a tuned algorithm for product listing, so it is highly objective and authentic. Through that, the ten best products on the market are identified in this article.

In this list of ours, we bring together many elements that have been tested and approved by technology. Here are the points that you need to pay attention to:

  • Brand reputation and value: A well-regarded brand gives consumers distinct values. A product brand will gain reputation and value when it provides users with unique value that competitors do not have.
  • Outstanding Features: What kind of bells and whistles are essential?
  • Specifications: Consider how its parameters are measured with magnitude and power.

4. The value of the product

Consider the product you receive through your wise investment.

5. Customer ratings

Star reviews and customer ratings for products will be a source of objective and factual information.

6. Customer reviews

Similar to ratings, reviews here are that customers will provide detailed and specific information about their experience with the product so that you have a more realistic and confident view of the product.

7. Product quality

The product quality sometimes depends on how you refer and learn and choose the product because your choice does not always match the amount of money you spend.

8. Product reliability

How long a product will work and how long it will last depends mainly on its strength and durability.

Our responsibility is to maintain and update the latest necessary information about Best beginner violas, so please visit our online resources regularly for the latest news.

If there is any problem, error, or confusion about Best beginner violas during the reference process, do not hesitate to let us know. We are always ready to hear your feedback.



1. Why Is A Violin Harder To Play Than A Viola?

The violin's smaller body size makes it much easier to play high up on the fingerboard, whereas on the viola it is awkward and physically very difficult to play as high up the fingerboard. This means that violins generally play the high melody lines and get the spotlight far more often.

2. What Is The Average Price Of A Viola?

Good Quality Beginner Violas ($700-$1500) Intermediate Violas ($1500-$5000) Advanced Violas ($5000-$10000) Professional Violas ($10000+)

3. What Is A Viola?

The viola is a string instrument that is bowed, plucked, or played with varying techniques. Slightly larger than a violin, it has a lower and deeper sound. Since the 18th century, it has been the middle or alto voice of the violin family, between the violin (which is tuned a perfect fifth above) and the cello (which is tuned an octave below). The strings from low to high are typically tuned to C3, G3, D4, and A4.

4. Is Viola Easier Than Violin?

However, the viola is actually often more difficult to play than the violin. Some of the reasons for this are the viola's larger size and commensurate heavier weight.

5. What Is The Difference Between A Violin And A Viola?

The top string on a violin is an 'E', but the top string on a viola is the 'A' five notes below that. The overall pitch of a viola will generally sound lower, and a bit more mellow than a violin.


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Editor's Notes

During our Best beginner violas research, we found 200 Best beginner violas products and shortlisted 9 quality products. We collected and analyzed 3,122 customer reviews through our big data system to write the Best beginner violas list. We found that most customers choose Best beginner violas with an average price from $1 to $950.

The Best beginner violas are available for purchase. We have researched hundreds of brands and picked the top brands of fuel transfer tanks, including Mendini, Cecilio, D z strad, Vio music

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