Best Gaming Keyboard Under 1000 In India [Top Best Deals]

This pandemic has seen an overwhelming increase in the best gaming keyboard under 1000. If you’re wondering why, gaming as an activity besides regular work has gained more impetus than ever before. For starters, the keyboards are usually small and designed exclusively for multiple gaming purposes.

There are limited numbers of original keys, at least from the standpoint of any standard one. But gamers love the styling and design of the best gaming keyboard under 1000, for they’re usually able to facilitate quicker and hassle-free gaming key presses. There’s no doubt that preferences vary widely, but the make of the best gaming keyboard under 1000 are such that players enjoy the overall experience.

For those who haven’t invested in these wonder products, the online world is currently chock-a-block with options galore. You can take your pick from the best gaming keyboard under 1000, after checking through the reviews and weighing your budget beforehand.

In a vast majority of cases, you would find that the best gaming keyboard under 1000 features exceptional mechanical keys and not the old-style membrane ones. As a result, typing faster and working smoothly is no alien task now! The next time you play a game using it, you will be able to let your character move about with much more ease, as compared to the huge, traditionally styled keyboards.

To know what choices you can lay your hands on, here’s taking you through some of the most competitive and best gaming keyboard under 1000.

Best Gaming Keybaord Under 1000 Rupees In India

1. AMKETTE Evo Fox Gaming Keyboard

2. Offbeat Slayer Gaming Keyboard

3. DragonWar Desert Eagle 

4. Protokart Gaming Keyboard

5. CEMIRA Gaming Keyboard

6. Live Tech KB03 Gaming Keyboard

Best Gaming Keyboard Under 1000 Rupees In India [Select From The Best Deals & Offers]

1) AMKETTE Evo Fox Best Gaming Keyboard Under 1000 Rupees In India

AMKETTE Evo Fox Best Gaming Keyboard Under 1000 Rupees

This gaming keyboard specially designed for MAC and PC users come from one of the most reputed and bankable names in the gaming industry. From TKL design, rainbow backlighting, 19-key anti ghosting features and laser engraved keys; the Fox knows what would appeal to its customers from the best gaming keyboard under 1000!

The laser engraved keys are a tad elevated and together with the 19-key anti ghosting; you can think of literally going on a rampage, without any fear – getting you at the top of the game. In order to dominate the opponents, the special ten-keyless space saving keyboard design, with a special backlit facility is another notable mention.

You would love the very look of the keyboard, thanks to the rainbow backlighting. Made with special breathing effects, the keyboard will be visible to you even when you’re in a dark room. Besides, who doesn’t like a good looking, shining gadget!
As regards the gaming experience, the 10 million keystrokes with spill resistant design flaunts a long-braided cable measuring 1.5 meters in this best gaming keyboard under 1000.

There’s a magnetic ring attached to aim at precise data transmission. The gaming keyboard is a modern EvoFox Fireblade, which is specially equipped with the Windows lock key and a total of 12 multimedia keys, with a USB plug n’ play option. Once you’re hands-on with it, the game takes a different level altogether.

The item weighs barely 492 grams and measures about 35.8 centimetres x12.7 centimetres x 1.3 centimetres (LxWxH) so it’s easy to operate on. Upon buying, you get a one year manufacturing warranty from a company that has retained its value and customer satisfaction for more than three decades. So investing will certainly be value for the money spent!


2) Offbeat Slayer Best Gaming Keyboard Under 1000 Rupees In India

Offbeat Slayer Best Gaming Keyboard Under 1000 Rupees

This keyboard is one of the best gaming keyboard under 1000 has 12 combinations of multimedia keys that allow the operation of the work or the game you’re playing and boost up the efficiency by several notches. This includes audio settings and better control of the same. The design looks fairly good and is meant for all the keys in wired mode.

Hence, you’ll be able to press any number of keys and that too at the same time, without having to worry whether the command is registered and executed. It’ll all happen in a rather smooth manner and you can boast of a very ‘responsive gaming’ experience.

Thanks to the RGB backlit setup, the 7-colour rainbow features three aspects- one, for breathing effect (Fn+ Prt Scr key), the ON/OFF button (Fn + Scrlk key) and the brightness level adjustment (Fn +Up/Down arrow key). There are membrane keycaps that facilitate totally clear and uniform backlighting.

You can use the WIN key to disable farming if you wish to or as needed. The keyboard panel in total LED and made of pure metal withstands shocks and resists to wear and tear. The button surface coated with skin-type rubber oil is simply meant to offer a better feel. You would realize how comfortable it is at the time of playing!

In the current times, who wouldn’t really want multimedia keys in the best gaming keyboard under 1000? Try pressing the Function key and any one of these as shortcuts- F1: Media Player, F2: Volume, F3: Volume Up, F4: Mute, F5: Stop playing, F6: Previous track, F7: Play/Pause, F8: Next track, F9: Open mail, F10: Open website, F11: Lock keyboard, F12: Calculator. Isn’t that simple?

Compared to any normal computer keyboard, the crater architecture gaming keyboard prides in a structure that depends on no other. It has a 2 times longer shelf life, which is guaranteed; after having passed 10,000,000 times of keystroke test.

The elasticity of the key is moderate enough that would minimize fatigue and help you gain longevity in usage. Try detaching the keycap if you wish to obtain effortless cleaning.

A budget-friendly purchase, the keyboard weighs barely 350 grams and is quite compact that way.


3) DragonWar Desert Eagle Best Gaming Keyboard Under 1000 Rupees In India

DragonWar Desert Eagle Best Gaming Keyboard Under 1000 Rupees

How wonderful it is to have the best gaming keyboard under 1000 that allows no spills! So you no longer have to be worried about water, juices or any other product that would render your keyboard of no use. The channels in this keyboard precisely allow the water to easily drip off.

Going by the manufacturer’s verdict, the Desert Eagle, from Dragon War is all set to become the next big thing or let’s just say a ‘lethal weapon’ that would help you derive optimum gaming sensations and that too, with brilliant speed. The keys her are particularly programmable and customizable.

The exceptional resistance, interchangeable ability and fast macros are chief add-ons. You’ll actually appreciate the big-sized keys and take pride in spending on an item that is all fun, sleek and promises you total comfort and style.

Thanks to the extra multimedia keys, you can now directly access your mail or the calculator or even volume buttons with the 8 multimedia keys preset. Often it so happens that at the time of gaming, its’ the direction keys and WASD that worn out the fastest for reasons we all know.

Replacing the same can be a time consuming job! Dragon war has ensured these 8 keys of the best gaming keyboard under 1000 are additionally provided to replace the old and worn out ones, after repetitive use. These are identifiable and can be replaced with the gaming keys, as and when required.

This 471 grams weight item measures 465mm x 141mm x 20mm in dimensions and comes with a gold-plated USB connector. You can also avail the keyboard mat that would offer the much needed extra grip, required when gaming. A one year warranty is only made for manufacturing defects and not the physical ones.


4) Protokart Best Gaming Keyboard Under 1000 Rupees In India

Protokart Best Gaming Keyboard Under 1000 Rupees

This is indeed a cool pick when it comes to the best gaming keyboard under 1000, thanks to the rainbow LED backlit keyboard. But the only deterrent is that it can’t support Linux OS and Mac OS systems.

The gaming keyboard offers a real professional mechanical feel at the time of use, both for gaming and office purposes. For users of Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows XP.PC Laptop Pad Google Android TV BOC HTPC IPTV Smart TV Mac IOS Raspberry Pi, all versions- this is a gem of an item.

A total of standard 104 keys are present, with five-LED mixed colours on the button. Depending on your choice and convenience, you can press the backlit button so as to light it up.

This best gaming keyboard under 1000 has a unique feature to automatically enter the sleeping mode, within 10 minutes if not operated or worked upon. The backlights go off and upon pressing any key, the backlights clearly give the signal that work or game can be started off again.

The Protokart material is powered by KGM Innovative Solutions. It’s quite a popular pick and offers a very mechanical keyboard like feel and scores the same in the design category too; but the reality is that isn’t the same. At 450 grams, it’s lightweight and is priced decently too.


5) CEMIRA Best Gaming Keyboard Under 1000 Rupees In India

CEMIRA Best Gaming Keyboard Under 1000 Rupees

Similar to most of its former counterparts, the CEMIRA keyboard is another rainbow backlit facilitated one that contains anti-ghosting properties. Wondering what that is? Basically, these anti-ghosting keys or scratch-resistant ones are far easier to clean.

For users having time constraints, this best gaming keyboard under 1000 is a real investment when it comes to hassle-free working. There are more than 10 million keystrokes, internet hotkeys, including email (Fn+11), Home (Fn+10); along with play/pause, stop, volume up and down, next, mute and all such that come under the media hotkeys backdrop.

The operating systems supported by this keyboard are mostly Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. For those using any other system, it might act a tad problematic, so Windows is the safer option here.

Much like one of its predecessors, the 12 combinations of multimedia keys aid in operating for game and work purposes and produce similar effective results in both. It’s called a non-conflict design that characterises this keyboard, to allow users to press any number of keys at the same time.

Hence, every command is not only registered, but also executed in exactly the same way as desired to offer a more responsive gaming feel.

Even performance wise, the crater architecture gaming keyboard is not like the ordinary computer keyboard. The longer key life is at least twice better than the others and has passed a number of times in the keystroke test. Also there’s moderate elasticity of the keys, which means you won’t get tired upon successive or continuous use.

This best gaming keyboard under 1000 is perfect for gaming and comes in an all-metal material, but having a delicate feel to it. The gold-plated interface, anti-interference magnetic ring and waterproof braided USB cables is truly worth spending your hard earned money for, as it guarantees proper data transmission.It’s a recent launch in the market, so users can try and then offer reviews for others.


6) Live Tech KB03 Best Gaming Keyboard Under 1000 Rupees In India

Live Tech KB03 Best Gaming Keyboard Under 1000 Rupees

Available in several other variants like KB05, KB08, KB09; the KB03 best gaming keyboard under 1000 is a popular one among gaming enthusiasts. The keyboard is designed well, keeping in mind ergonomics and the keys are also made of the finest quality, which gets set on an adjustable palm rest.

Hence, the typing or playing experience is easy and better than most others. The very make of this item is composed of very strong components and rugged materials. Talking about the specially designed keys, they are actually raised from the bottom for better floating keys effect. What is particularly noticeable about the model is its unique power to register multiple keys, and all at once without any issue.

If each of its properties is described in details, the rugged gaming feel is largely attributed to the materials made in the membrane. The keys as stated are highly raised. They are firm, big and will make the task of working on it smooth. All the keys are clearly marked, so that users have no trouble locating any of them.

You’ll find that these are mostly in white against a black background. Like most other keyboards too, the keys support anti-ghosting, which indicates that multiple keys are supported simultaneously.

Thankfully, the keyboard is a fine intuitively designed item. Sleek, slim and lightweight, the keyboard is easy to install. You would not need any pre setup. All you need to do is connect it to a monitor and simply start using. And the good thing about this model is almost any make and model of monitors can be used.

From the house of Live Tech, this best gaming keyboard under 1000 is a premium product. It comes in a black shade and with all the keys, which are durability defined. The background of the key layout flaunts a unique design, which ensures that the keyboard looks stylish, attractive and promises to be picked off from the shelves rather easily!

Though it’s compact compared to the rest; the keyboard weighs slightly more. At 1.2 kilograms, it’s sturdy enough and measures 50 x 23 x 7 centimetres.


Buying Guide On The Best Gaming Keyboard Under 1000 In India

What really makes a gaming keyboard so special? Those LED backlights, flash powers or the unimaginably modern futuristic designs? There’s no denying that these hold true, but the overall experience of a gamer is dependent on numerous other factors. Also, it might bother a number of people if spending that much money is worth the effort.

With proper features like mechanical switches, wired connection and N-key rollover; these will no doubt be pull factors. The add-ons it must be remembered are merely meant to amplify the in-game feels, and not prove musts.

1) Types Of Keyboards

Gaming keyboards are not necessarily the granular ones like you see their mouse counterparts. In most situations, the keyboard needs to be an all-purpose one. Ideally, there are 3 types:

The first is the all-use type, wherein you’ll find the mechanical models that depict a similar look as the standard office keyboard, with few extra keys or a stylish backlight perhaps. These will work well for FPS, RTS, MOBA or adventure and action gaming freaks, possibly who still refuse to give up their 80s and 90s models! Active gamers fall for MMO keyboards that contain loads of extra macro keys, set in multiple rows.

Few models contain 6, and the larger ones contain about 18 keys too; so that micromanaging becomes easier. In most cases, these keyboards are a little expensive and huge in size too.

The third type is a ten keyless model- compact, small, lightweight, and cheaper. You can also disconnect a few wires and carry it inside a case. In conjunction with a multi-button gaming mouse; this is a hands-on alternative.

2) Keyboard Size

A ‘full-size’ keyboard is the one that has 104 or eve 105 keys, like the QWERTY alphanumeric section. There are features like proper function keys, a dedicated number pad and four directional cursor keys.

They are usually wider and you must always choose this if you know your workspace can accommodate this. While some gamers are typically offended by the number pad, considering it unessential owing to space shortage; others however are glad if the number pads come along. The ten keyless ones do not have the number pad, so this always remains a feasible option.

3) Mechanical v/s Membrane

This is ideally the feel that emanates as a result of pressing the keys. And this includes the sound too. A number of standard keyboards available in the market vouch for a variation of ‘membrane’ technology, under each key.

The membrane based ones are cheaper too and are thinner from the standpoint of designs. This is largely because of the ‘spring’ and electrical contact. But, membranes are quite versatile, even when the tactile experience suffers a little. Ask gamers and several of them might say the spongy feel with limited numbers of keys might prove inadequate for their needs.

Compared to them, mechanical ones take a turn back to the memory lane! In other words, under each of the keys that look taller than news keys, a mechanical switch is present. All these have their own housings, stems and springs and score brownie points when talking of ‘audible’ and ‘tactile’ feel.

These switches come in three variants, mostly depending on how much of ‘click’ is required, or nothing and the spring resistance. People who take their games seriously are truly in support of mechanical keyboards.

Membranes work on the basis of an electric current via two plastic membranes. Mechanical ones resemble old age typewriters (to an extent) and are considerably a little pricey.

4) Backlit Illumination

Ever felt seeing the rainbow colours at the backdrop of the keyboard and wondered if that’s ‘excessive’? But little do people know that these backlights have more functions to perform than gain ‘wow’ or ‘ugh’ responses! Lighting different areas with multiple colours offer a visual reference at the time of playing a game.

Imagine if you don’t need to think of where your fingers have to reach, then your game will be played much faster. Using a red backlight for example will offer illumination to an extent that you would be able to see things in detail, without paining your eyes. And can we actually deny they look cool?


Conclusion On The Best Gaming Keyboard Under 1000 Rupees In India

In order to make quick and wise choices, there are options that customers are provided. Alongside, the features too would be helpful in making an informed decision.

Not all gaming keyboards provide optimum functions or appeal to everyone. Sometimes, few of them are looked at beyond the realms of gaming and to boost up the productivity setup on the whole.

What suits you might not fit for someone else and vice versa. Keep your pocket pinch in mind and select the one that would best define your use.

If you love our article or you want us to review some of the other best gaming keyboard under 1000 rupees in India if incase we missed any, please feel free to get in touch with us or write it up in the comments section below.

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